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Playground Game Equipment Rules


No crossing the mid line
The person not serving gets to pick both the side they wish to stand on and the direction the ball is to be hit
No Ropes – the ball may be caught only after being hit twice
No climbing poles
If the game is going on too long the person at the head of the line may count on the players, after 30 hits two new players take over


If the need arises the supervisors will establish days for specific grades to use the "Big Toy"
No jumping off
Girls wearing dresses should not play on the bars unless they are wearing shorts underneath their dresses
One person at a time on the slide – Face forward and go down the slide in the sitting position
Go down the slide only, no climbing back up the slide
Can only climb up the ladders – can not climb down the ladders
No running on or around the "Big Toy"


Supervisors may designate specific courts for grade levels if needed
Half courts are used
One ball per half court
No more than 5 players on a team for 3rd thru 5th grade/ 3 players on a team for 1st 2nd Grades

No running on blacktop (except in basketball court)
Students shall observe the "hands off" policy and will not wrestle, tackle, kick, or hit.
Throwing rocks on any other dangerous objects is absolutely prohibited.
Playing in the bathroom or hallways is prohibited.
Students should follow rules for specific games and playground equipment. Teachers will review specific rules with their students.


Sports/Game equipment may not be brought from home.

Wait behind the yellow lines until it is your turn. All swings go one direction

Must sit on the swings – no standing or laying on stomachs

No spinning or twisting on swings

A student must give up the swing after the first person in line counts to 30. (Each time the feet of the person swinging come toward the person counting is when the counting takes place)

No count backs (Student may count on another student, but not the one who counted on them)


No body slamming, pushing, shoving, tackling, or tag

Games requiring a ball to be kicked may only be played on the field


One player in each square

Server bounces ball in their square and then hits the ball into another square

The ball must be struck with an open hand

After the ball bounces in a square the player in that square hits it and bounces it into an opponent’s square (the ball must bounce in the square before it is hit)

If the ball hits on a line the person who hits it is out

If the ball does not bounce in someone else’s square the person who hit the ball is out